Step 1: Start by Uploading for FREE
  • Unlimited Uploads

    Start with Zero-Cost! We permit you to create a branded Sho Page & upload unlimited Promos.

  • Unlimited Viewers

    Connect with your target audience across the globe without any restrictions.

  • Unlimited Plays

    GudSho will manage the traffic and complete technology with best in class features.

  • Easy & Fast Setup

    Upload & organize your movies to make it easy by using GudSho's Dashboard.

Step 2: Promote & Reach Everyone
  • Add Promo Videos

    Include short videos like Trailers, Teasers, music videos, celeb endorsements to the Sho Page.

  • Google Search Friendly

    Your Sho page with promo videos is Google friendly to reach millions of audiences through Google search engine results and ads.

  • Facebook and Twitter compatible

    Social-media-friendly Sho pages to maximize your movie's outreach through social publishing.

  • WhatsApp Friendly

    Attract the wider audience on WhatsApp with the help of sharable Sho pages.

  • Offline Marketing Enabled

    Reach more audiences with offline promotions like QR code, Offline tickets, News Paper, and more.

  • Private Screening Ready

    Give the variety and convenience to the cinema-going audience with the exclusive private screening feature.

Step 3: Earn Forever
  • Set Your Own Price

    GudSho gives you the full control of pricing and how you plan to distribute & sell your movies. So, you can set your own price for your films.

  • Global Support

    Release your movies to the domestic and international audiences with various languages anywhere & anytime.

  • Bi-weekly Fund Release

    Your collections will be settled on a bi-weekly basis after the deduction of commissions and taxes.

  • Fight Piracy

    Don’t let the pirates to earn with your own content. We strongly protect your movies from online piracy.

Loaded by the Best Features for Success
  • Track Your Revenue

    Track your revenues for your films by using an exclusive analytics dashboard.

  • Deep Insights

    Comprehensive insights to know how your movie and promo is performing online.

  • Supports All Devices

    Distribute your movies to any device. Your content will be available on smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, fireTV, etc.

  • Copyrights Protection

    Release your movies with keeping your digital rights. You will get your very own rights for your films.

  • Best-in-class DRM

    Experience a higher level of Digital security to protect your films.

  • Transcoding

    Stream your movies in a variety of formats like MPEG-2, AV1, H.264, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GudSho?

    GudSho is a self OTT Distribution Platform that helps filmmakers, distributors, producers, and production houses to distribute & release movies online. It is an all-in-one platform to sell your films worldwide and reach millions of audience anywhere, anytime.

  • Is GudSho compatible with all devices?

    Ofcourse, your movies can be viewed across all the devices including web, Smart TVs, desktops, laptops, Chromecast, smartphones, and tablets, etc.

  • What is Pay Per View & How does it work?

    Pay-Per-View (PPV) means a way that people can pay to watch the content on OTT. Pay per view model gives your audience the ability to buy a ticket in order to watch your movies. The user needs to pay for watching every single movie.

  • What are the pricing details?

    With setting your own price for your movie, you will get your collection including the deduction of our commission and tax.

  • What is the difference between GudSho Studio and Sho Page?

    GudSho Studio - Is like a channel that has a collection of your movies and promos.
    Sho Page - Is a web page that has every detail of a single movie.

  • What is First Day First Show?

    We help you to release movies exclusively online. Your audience will enjoy your films and watch first-day first show at GudSho.

  • What level of security is provided to protect against piracy?

    GudSho is a secured OTT platform, and it is impossible for pirates & hackers to penetrate. We strongly protect your content from online piracy by using the best-in-class OTT/VOD technologies.

  • What file formats do I need to upload?

    Your movie must be in 720px or 1080px format to upload in our platform.

  • How can I get support if I need help?

    We offer 24/7 email support on all plans for all customers. For any queries about film distribution, please email us at


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